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Why gender equity?

Because gender is infused in nearly every aspect of our culture, it is vital to work to understand and unpack how gender stereotypes, norms, expectations, and biases have affected us both personally and professionally. 

With training and support from Beyond the Binary, you and your organization can begin to create a more welcoming world for people of all gender identities and presentations.

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Ledah Wilcox

Facilitator & Consultant

Ledah comes to facilitation and consulting after over a decade of working with youth, from circus camp to Portland Public Schools and many places in between.  They hold a Masters in the Arts of Teaching from Lewis & Clark College, and a BA in Film Studies from Wesleyan University.  Ledah identifies as a white, transgender, Jewish, Montanan, book nerd; they deeply believe that all forms of oppression must be eradicated for any of us to be free.




Philosophy & Approach

Because of their background in education, Ledah understands how to create training that fosters learning and growth by crafting intentional and customized content and instructional design for each partnership they enter into.  Unlike many pre-packaged trainings, work with Beyond the Binary takes into account the individual needs of your organization, as well as the learning styles of your people, and partners with you to create a plan that meets your goals. 

What participants say:

"Ledah's work with our staff team helped us grow both personally and professionally and to gain greater appreciation for and understanding of the importance of gender equity. Their approach to facilitation is open, thoughtful, and created an environment where people felt free to share, ask questions, and engage."

"Ledah is a fantastic and skilled facilitator. They use a great sense of humor and ability to authentically connect with people to help participants learn about complex and emotional topics in a way that's safe, approachable and tangible."

"Ledah is great. They bring a wonderful sense of humor as well as patience and compassion for the different levels of comfort and experience people have talking and thinking about gender equity issues.  Their training is down to earth and simple to understand whether this is your first time understanding these concepts or if you know them well."


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